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Prices below reflect estimates only. Each service is customized to meet your individual and unique needs. Law enforcement brethren receive a ‘family discount’.

Trust / Pet Trust
Takes effect once it is created and assets are transferred into it. Should you become incapacitated, the trustee (the person you choose to manage the trust when you can’t) can step in and pay bills, run businesses, manage assets etc., on your behalf until you are back on your feet again.  When you die, this person will carry out the instructions you set forth in the trust regarding management of the assets and distribution of assets and money.

A Pet Trust allows you the opportunity to designate a caregiver for your pet(s) and fund their care if you die before your faithful pet, or are incapacitated. It is often assumed that family will take care of them. Sadly, this is not the norm. With a designated caregiver, you can provide detailed instructions on how your pet(s) will live their lives without you.

A full Trust package includes every Estate Planning need: A Trust, A Pet Trust (if wanted) A Will, A Durable Power of Attorney for finances, Advanced Healthcare Directive and all asset transfer paperwork.
Starts at $1100.00 -  Single person Trust Package
Starts at $2000.00  -  Double Trust package 

Domestic Partner / Co-Habitation Agreements
Co-Habitation Agreements basically define property rights and liability issues that exist in relationships that are not legally recognized by the federal government. In the event of a break-up, a Co-Habitation agreement will serve as your legal proof of the way you and your partner agreed things would be handled. For example; who gets what and how Property/Money is to be divided as well as division of Debt incurred while together.
- Starts at $500.00

Overwhelmed by all this information? Not to worry, I have a very simple work sheet, written in layman’s terms. It will break everything down for you. If you have a general idea of what your Estate is worth, it will take you no more than 30 minutes to fill in the form. If you don’t know, the work sheet will guide you through the process. Keep breathing………. Much of what is on the form is yes/no check boxes. You will be able to do this.

I commend you for being Pro-Active. It’s a wonderful feeling to cross things off the list. This is a major one. A little forethought now will greatly reduce chaos later.

I look forward to being of service to you.

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