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Pet Trusts

Trust / Pet Trust
Takes effect once it is created and assets are transferred into it. Should you become incapacitated, the trustee (the person you choose to manage the trust when you can’t) can step in and pay bills, run businesses, manage assets etc., on your behalf until you are back on your feet again.  When you die, this person will carry out the instructions you set forth in the trust regarding management of the assets and distribution of assets and money.

A Pet Trust allows you the opportunity to designate a caregiver for your pet(s) and fund their care if you die before your faithful pet, or are incapacitated. It is often assumed that family will take care of them. Sadly, this is not the norm. With a designated caregiver, you can provide detailed instructions on how your pet(s) will live their lives without you.

A full Trust package includes every Estate Planning need

  1. A Trust, A Pet Trust (if wanted)
  2. A Will
  3. A Durable Power of Attorney for finances
  4. Advanced Healthcare Directive and all asset transfer paperwork

Starts at $1,100.00 -  Single person Trust Package
Starts at $2000.00  -  Double trust package 

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